About AeroBase Group

In today's aerospace and defense industry, locating the parts you need and having a vendor deliver them on time is vital in today's fast-paced demanding society. With over a decade of experience, and achievements on our side, AeroBase Group’s ability to adapt to our customer's ever changing needs has kept us in the forefront of our competition.

Sustainment and Modernization is an international need… and no aerospace and defense company is uniquely positioned to conduct that business like the AeroBase family and its’ subsidiaries. From engineering, development, manufacturing, repairs, or logistics, we have a sophisticated international network in place to handle our clients no matter what they may need. We provide a true global presence, with a network of companies in approximately 60 different countries.

AeroBase's supply management team is dedicated to managing our supply chain to consistently provide on time, quality, and cost effective material and services to our customers. This is achieved through developing a best in class proprietary software, supply chain relationships and processes in collaboration with all areas of AeroBase, our customers, and valued supplier base, in an environment of open communication, mutual trust, a strive for continuous improvement, and with the highest of ethical standard practices. All our tools and software were designed to minimize your company's time researching, negotiating, procuring, and managing your time demanded requirement tasks.

- Over 400+ Customers Served Daily -

Product Availability – Over eighteen million part numbers available, from hundreds of various manufactures stocked throughout our network of warehouse locations.

Superior Technology – Our custom built proprietary software provides us a competitive advantage over our competitors, with real time inventory across six continents in 60 countries. We continually bring innovative software technology to meet our customers’ requirements, and exceed those expectations with evolving technologies.

Quality Service – Dedicated assigned account managers to handle our widespread customer audience with precision and accuracy. Our team assists with the replacement of equipment that has reached the end of its service life, as well as the replenishment of other components and supplies for the US military and our Allied Forces

Creative Solutions - Our departments hold monthly think tanks, which creates a catalyst for new and innovative ideas. Because of this we can constantly evaluate, question, and improve upon our service to our customers.

Market, Products, and Industries Supported

This industry has not only fostered in, but also evolved the definition of, global presence, therefore the global marketplace is at our fingertips. Whether business is local, abroad, or straight across the country we supply to all levels of the market. In addition to carrying products for Maintenance and Repair (MRO), General Aviation, Military Aircraft Support, including Aftermarket Parts, AeroBase Group opens its doors to a variety of customers with multiple websites in Spanish and English each tailored to the needs of our customers based on location. Supporting our allied countries by procuring products for NATO and military equipment domestically, ensures our well-rounded marketplaces displays our diversity in customer service. AeroBase Group provides only the best product necessary to fulfill your requirements, even when updating your aircraft ABG consists of the right products to modernize your aircraft, extend its lifecycle, and ensure quality and safety when operating. Additionally, AeroBase Group purchases your end of life products, consistently following the life-cycle of your aircraft and equipment, giving the most options to our customers in acquiring parts, products, and services.

  • Aircraft parts
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Locomotive parts
  • Maritime Parts
  • Medical Supplies
  • Military parts
  • Mil-spec hardware
  • MRO Supplies
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts

Plain and simple terms, We Go Where You Go ..

Our Mission

To provide AeroBase Group customers with the best experience, technology and service necessary to operate their aircraft safely and profitable. With innovation, not only in technology, but also in sales, ABG aims to manage the accounts of every customer throughout the life cycle of their aircraft.

Our Vision

Fulfilling the customer’s needs to complete their mission through supplying material and unmatched customer service is the sole business driver of the AeroBase team. Accomplishing customer satisfaction to ensure the AeroBase Family is best suited to be your supplier of parts, large and small, while continuing to be accessible all over the world, and growing to touch the corners of every continent.

Our Values

Integrity - To have integrity means to be an individual with honesty, and to stand by principles of strict ethics. To have integrity as a Group or team is to be whole or intact, AeroBase Group emulates both definitions of integrity. As a cooperative unit, we pride ourselves on abiding by ethical business practices, conceiving high moral principles, and honoring the truth. ABG promotes integrity not only in our service, from employees to management, but also in our Products. Ensuring that our products meet the quality necessary for use by our customers, anything less than satisfactory to our standards is immediately (jettisoned) eradicated, certifying only the best professional and product integrity.

Diversity - Realizing the world of today is extremely diverse is one thing, however learning to embrace differences is the key to valuing diversity. AeroBase Group not only offers a diverse number of products to a variety of markets, but also consists of employees with diverse backgrounds. Being a Minority Woman Owned Business emulates our stance on discrimination in the workplace; it is not tolerated. AeroBase does not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, or any other personal characteristics. Ranging in a variety of ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and degrees of experience in aircraft technology, our team is compiled of individuals keen on working cooperatively to fulfill your needs as a customer in any division of this market.

Lifelong Learning and Innovation - With realization that the aerospace industry is ever-growing and evolving with time and technology the AeroBase Group team aims to adapt with the advancements of this field. We promote using every opportunity as a learning opportunity. Using our state-of-the-art software that cross-references over 40 million products, innovation in our business means making accessibility for customers a priority.

We promote these as our company values, however additionally exist values within the individual that all our employees aim to emulate.

Individual Values – PRAD

Passion - Extreme enthusiasm, intense dedication, a powerful emotion and a strong desire
Resourceful - Effectively identify, and have the ability to overcome, an obstacle
Attitude - A positive expression, a can-do mental state, promote the feeling of achievement
Drive - An urge to succeed, a need to achieve, an inner feeling to excel.

Realistically a company creates values from certain characteristics of the way they do business and particular aspects of management. Our corporate values exemplify why we do what we do the way we do it, they accentuate necessary standards of business practices, and the standards we hold ourselves to as individuals. By holding to our values Corporate Responsibilities blossom, realizing that accepting responsibilities wherever they lie is a part of being a worthy Corporate Citizen. Hand-in-hand with accountability comes accepting responsibilities whether they be to our employees, suppliers, or customers, we emphasize our responsibilities, as a company, to be an aspect of our everyday work.

Corporate Responsibilities

With global presence comes global responsibility. When dealing in worldwide affairs we must act with good citizenship and be accountable for our actions. Our impact on the environment, our customers, employees and shareholders are all divisive factors that prove our Corporate Responsibility.

We are responsible by always aiming:

To be Trustworthy and Honest; Part of our mission, to provide 100% Quality Assurance, on time shipping, quality parts, and loyal customers and suppliers are all a product of trust. ABG is compiled of trustworthy individuals, from management to salespeople, reliability is the main force of trust and that is promoted through our process. With a personal account manager to each customer, your order will be handled with consistency, care and efficient shipping management through our QC’s in the warehouse. Reliability is a large part of safely operating and maintaining your aircraft and equipment, largely this motivates ABG to be the most trustworthy and reliable vendor you can count on.

To be Environmentally Accountable; With time, advancements in technology have opened the world to do business, communicate, and overall relate to one another despite geographic limitations. Realizing that our use of global shipping utilizes this interconnectivity, we also understand the magnitude of effects on the environment, ultimately this guides our responsibility to keep our impact as minimal as possible. By complying with OSHA (MSDS), and extending product stewardship through its life-cycle through providing End of Life products, we are on the side of environmental responsibility in this industry.

To have a Safe Work Environment; In any setting, safety is a priority, however it is a keen priority of AeroBase Group to have a suitably organized warehouse, standardized practices for shipping and packaging, and safe handling of products throughout our operations. By providing proper instructions on how to handle any products purchased from ABG (through appropriate MSDS distribution) we promote safety in the workplace no matter your location.

To always Honor Veterans and Military families; Acknowledging our customer base we serve our veterans and military families- ABG proudly supports the mission of our Armed Forces and allies every day. Providing the very best equipment and the latest technology to ensure their safety and success. We salute the thousands of veterans that work in our midst and in our communities, and are committed to recognizing, honoring and supporting those who volunteer to serve.

To always Invest in the future; The Aerospace Industry is an industry of the future, the dream to make things fly, was merely a dream for so long. It took billions of dollars, advancements in technology, engineering, and the art of production to make this industry what it is today. With acknowledgement to the efforts it takes to get a plane off the ground, AeroBase Group does the most to develop state-of-the-art software to further revolutionize the way you buy aircraft products. We look forward to future customers by offering millions of products, goals to expanding not only our catalog, but also our locations, and services, so that ABG can progress just as the flying community has in past generations.

Corporate Philanthropy

Common knowledge is that a lot of money is used in and put into this industry daily. This industry is a community that once relied upon donors and a lot of military spending to aid the advancements necessary to keep planes in the air and their technology field growing. When a part of a community, it is of extreme importance to give back. Our headquarters location, Melbourne, Florida, is the emblem of the aerospace community, having fostered growth for dozens of aircraft, engineering, and general aerospace companies, we are proud to be here. In the future, we hope to continue the giving tradition by helping at community events and donating to local operations, including those held by Wounded Warrior project and others.